Here, atop a hill, in the village of Casale, in the Montalbano Elicona township, where the breath of nature mixes with your own, where all is wonder, Architect Michele Calcagno has succeeded in creating an enchanting habitat, giving his utmost attention to every detail with infinite passion and devotion.

It is where the skill of Man is intertwined and becomes one with the grace of the settings and which determines its majesty, granting visitors moments of joy and undisturbed calm. You need only wonder in to see for yourself the charm and behold the enticement and the integrity of this land with its velvet sky, the colors of the gorse and the pomegranates that shatter on rock. Here you can see the old pigeon coup sorrounded by rocks that rise like a tower carefully remodeled to become a wine cellar; the prodigious stable has been transformed into a dining room - filled with rhythmic pulses of passionate jazz music in the background - elegantly remodeled where antique wood and stone blend while dim light radiates all throughout to create an almost magical atmosphere; “intimacy” becomes your favorite word. Then there’s the old barn adjacent to the farmhouse, both of which have been masterly transformed into cosy bedrooms furnished with taste, in which you will be able to spend pleasurable moments with tranquility, the moon and the stars as your only companions. And the menu - says the Architect - is a real surprise: maybe a novelty, and, we understand that it goes against conventional thinking, but nonetheless is respectful of the traditional Sicilian cuisine. “Monilia” is beautiful, because the Architect’s heart is not half dark and half light; it lacks darkness and gleams with brilliance, a commotion of uncontrolled and irrepressible passion, a proud determination; he just listened to his heart and he accomplished it following the throb of its beat. You, oh visitor, need only arrive in Casale, at a mere 4 kilometers from Basicò, once known as Casale Novum, and 8 kilometers from Montalbano Elicona, elected the “most beautiful village in Italy”, where you will be able to breathe-in centuries of history, because it was there that Federico III d’Aragona and Eleonora d’Angiò dwelled: and then, you’ll see, you will never forget.


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Montalbano Elicona - Contrada Casale 2

tel. 333 76 53 355

tel. 339 65 47 538


Monilia del Casale  |  Contrada CASALE 2, Montalbano Elicona (ME)  |  |  P.IVA 01 955 920 838